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Turbulence Paralyzes Woman

Cheerios not as heart-healthy as cereal box claims, says FDA


Cereal of the Week
May 10, 2009

Frosted Mini Wheats (kellogg's)
Serving Size: 1 cup (51.0 g)
Calories: 175
Total Fat: 0.8g
Carbs: 41.0g
Protein: 5.0g


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Shredded Wheat is now wrapped in 2s

Nestle's Shredded Wheat is now wrapped in two biscuit sleeves to give you a 100% of your minimum daily Whole Grain needs. It comes in packs of 12, 16, and 30 biscuits.

New Oats & More Bars

Nestle Cereals have added to the tasty oat cereal range with three New Oats and More Bars. The new range includes, Cherry Oats & More Bars, Chocolate Oats & More Bars, and Strawberry Oats and More Bars

Kellogg's Earth Day Cereal Box Designs

Kellogg's came out with a new package for Earth Day.
Frosted Flakes, Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Froot Loops, Special K, Rice Krispies, and Corn Flakes

NEW! Banana Nut Cheerios

Banana Nut Cheerios Website

Kellogg's New Box Designs

According to Advertising Age, the world's largest cereal producer is testing a new space-saving cereal box design that will contain the same amount of cereal but will be made with 8% less packaging material.

In a shorter, deeper cereal box size and shape, Kellogg's believe it will save space, fit into pantries more easily, and revolutionary the cereal aisle.

It is being testing in Wal-

New! Honey Kix

General Mills released its new "kid-tested, mother-approved" Honey Kix.